Have you ever asked yourself the question, "does my dog really love me?" We're going to help you figure out all of the ways your pup can express their love and admiration for you. Are we missing anything?

    dog sleeping with its owner in bed
    1. You're part of her pack if she likes to sleep with you at night.

    Dog laying down with eyebrows raised2. Those eyebrows, they wiggle at you. Dogs use facial expressions to tell us how they're feeling. Studies have shown that dogs raise their eyebrows for their owners but not for strangers.

    dog brining its owner a ball3. She likes to bring you her favorite toy to play with.

    Dog and owner lovingly staring at each other4. She makes direct eye contact with you.


    two white puppies in a park. One puppy is yawning5. When you yawn, she yawns. It's contagious for dogs as well as humans.


    woman hugging her dog while it kisses her face6. She likes to plant some doggie kisses on your face with liberal use of her tongue.


    dog leaning on its owners leg7. It's a sign of affection when she leans against you. It shows she sees you as someone who will keep her safe.


    excited dog jumping to greet its owner8. Her face lights up when you get home from work.


    dog and owner cuddling and touching each other's face9. After a meal, she likes to cuddle with you rather than go potty straight away.


    pug waiting on a couch for its owner10. She's fairly calm when you leave because she knows you're coming back soon.


    Puppy pulling a shirt out of a dresser11. Likes to take articles of your clothing to bed.


    jealous dog staring at a puppy who has a ball12. Gets jealous if you pay attention to someone else.


    dog on a leash staring up at its owner13. Is protective when you're out on walks but listens to your instruction.


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